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Using Automated Electronic Informed Consent Forms to Enhance the Safety and Efficiency of Clinical Trials

[A Teachable Moment for Podiatry?]

An ACRP 2012 Global Conference Presentation by Diane Parrington, PhD and Timothy Kelly Deputy Associate Chief of Staff/Research, Phoenix VA Health Care System and Vice President, Dialog Medical


Enrollment of subjects in clinical trials has its foundation in informed consent.  The legal and ethical requirements associated with research consents are extensive, and the protocols governing studies are often quite dynamic.  The complexity of these frequently changing documents gives rise to compliance and safety concerns.  This slide show presentation offers an analysis of the prevalence and nature of the most common compliance discrepancies associated with the research consent process at a large healthcare system.

Modern Electronic Processes

In addition, resource utilization associated with a paper consent process is compared to and contrasted with the use of an electronic process.

Podiatry Analogy

Therefore, an analogy can easily be extended to the podiatic medical and surgical community in order to make the case for e-Podiatry Consent Forms.

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June 9, 2012 at 2:00 am

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