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Dear Podiatric Surgical Colleagues,

E-Podiatry Consent Forms is a bold and ambitious idea for the modern [next-gen internet savvy] podiatrist and early HIT adopter. The consent process was chosen because it is an area that most podiatrists find difficult to do completely, and almost impossible to document correctly, until now [paper or eMR format]. It is a process that when done properly protects both doctor and patient. It enhances patient care, improves outcomes, and improves patient safety. There is no sensible argument against full and complete compliance with the ethical and legal demands of fully informed consent. What’s more, there are no other systems available that have attempted this, and certainly none that would be available to individual practicing doctors like you. There seemed no other way, using modern technology, to even begin to make the changes that the dysfunctional healthcare system appears to need. What is more, the podiatric surgical consent process is the perfect opportunity to draw both doctors and patients into the digital world of the new Affordable Care Act [ACA] and eMRs.

E-Podiatry Consent Forms may be the first contact a patient has with the world of interactive healthcare IT, an ideal introduction into the world of podiatric digital communication, with a wealth of added functions and features to follow.

For example, if a podiatric surgeon crafts and personalizes a surgical consent form using our CD-ROMs, and his/her patient can access it thru email at anytime thereafter – to ponder and ask questions – there is very little extra effort to initiate an automated and highly specific follow up to such questions and inquiries. Patient care is thus enhanced along with a better customized and documented consent form process.

E-Podiatry Consent Forms provides exactly the connection that we all wish to bring into play in the surgical consent process; involving hospitals, malpractice carriers, insurers, surgical suppliers, patient support groups, foot and ankle specialists, referring physicians, and perhaps even the Federal Givernment. The potential of improving podiatric medical and surgical healthcare is enormous.

In a time of rocketing healthcare costs and physician time constraints, not to mention increasing litigation, can you afford not to use E-Podiatry Consent Forms technology to enhance the wonderful work you do?

We have been extremely careful throughout development of E-Podiatry Consent Forms to have the opinions and advice of prominent medical, academic and socio-political figures in the podiatric medical arena, guiding us through ethical and medico-legal minefields. Throughout, our Board of Advisors are all leaders who have been especially encouraging voicing a moral and ethical imperative to see a CD-ROM system like E-Podiatry Consent Forms become available … and for it … and you … to succeed.

My Invitation to You

I want our E-Podiatry Consent Forms to make a real contribution to practicing better podiatric medicine and surgery – and for that we need the input and feedback of leading doctors from around the country in making changes and improvements.

If you are that kind of doctor, we challenge you to purchase and use an E-Podiatry Consent Forms CD-ROM, and become part of this initiative toward a better era in podiatric medical and surgical practice. We invite you to review this website, tour this blog, and then send us your purchase order today.

Then, start using the CD-ROM consent form generating system and opine. Please don’t forget your feedback – this is critical! And, please spread the word about E-Podiatry Consent Forms.

Feel free to email or call me at anytime to discuss.


Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA

[CEO and Founder]


Norcross, Georgia, USA


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Written by Dr. Marcinko

March 3, 2011 at 10:27 pm

2 Responses

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  1. ONC Announces Metadata Initiative for Patient Consent-Management

    The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has announced the “soft launch” of an initiative to use metadata tagging to create patient consent-management controls over the movement of sensitive elements of patients’ electronic records. The controls, the ONC noted in an e-mailed statement, are in keeping with recommendations of a December 2010 report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

    The ONC’s Office of the Chief Privacy Officer and the Office of Standards and Interoperability are leading the initiative, which aims to “address standards for the ability to exchange parts of a medical record (often called data segmentation),” according to the statement. The initiative is part of the ONC’s Standards & Interoperability Framework.

    Source: Joseph Conn, Modern Healthcare [9/19/11]

    Ann Miller RN MHA

    September 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm

  2. The e Podiatry Consent Forms™ Solution

    E Podiatry Consent Forms standardizes and automates the informed consent and other patient communication processes. Our CD-ROM based-solutions prepare procedure-specific consent forms and other critical documents covering more than 100 common podiatric surgical procedures.

    • Signed documents may be printed or automatically stored to a word processor, PC, eHR, the cloud or other document management system, thus eliminating scanning and ensuring that critical documents are never lost or misplaced.
    • Essential to efforts to reduce risk and enhance patient safety.
    • Helps insure accreditation and regulatory compliance while supporting meaningful-use requirements.

    At e Podiatry Consent Forms™ – we assist podiatrists in solo or small group practice in standardizing and automating the informed consent process and other important disclosures. And, our comprehensive content library can be modified, personally customized and/or continuously updated at the doctor’s discretion.

    The Editors


    March 10, 2012 at 8:49 pm

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