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Why Invest in e-Podiatry Consent Forms Customizable Digital Content?

E-Podiatry Consent Forms help manage risk with tools to enhance doctor-patient communication — strengthening and streamlining informed consent procedures in hospitals, offices and surgery centers.

Our intuitive web-based CD-ROM application will help improve patient consent for physicians and staff in the hospital, surgery center, and surgeon’s office before and after surgery. 

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E-Podiatry Consent Forms provide an innovative, easy, and effective solution for protecting your podiatry practice, clinic or healthcare organization – and your surgeon’s against malpractice claims. An intuitive interface simplifies and standardizes consent form preparation — and engaging, quality educational content clearly informs patients on procedures, risks, complications, and alternatives.

E-Podiatry Consent Forms is a unique and powerful solution to improve the process of attaining and documenting informed consent for protection against podiatry surgical malpractice lawsuits.


A CD-ROM based solution; E-Podiatry Consent Forms can be accessed from your PC — offering true standardization and process automation of consent forms and educational content without the heavy IT burden of networks or web-based SaaS services. 


E-Podiatry Consent Forms provide a user-friendly, intuitive approach to podiatric surgical consent form preparation, seamlessly weaving engaging, effective educational content into the process. 


E-Podiatry Consent Forms are designed to adhere to the unique needs of your podiatry practice or healthcare organization — and each individual patient encounter can be customized for your unique way of practicing medicine. 


E-Podiatry Consent Forms will help you comply with CMS Conditions of Participation. This unique automated informed consent tool is designed to help you easily and effectively create and execute a well-designed consent form containing most all practical elements detailed in the CMS State Operations Manual. In addition, E-Podiatry Consent Forms Patient Consent will help facilities comply with Joint Commission accreditation requirements for patient safety, informed consent processes and documentation, and patient education.

Educate and Communicate

E-Podiatry Consent Forms offers a unique, intuitive, streamlined approach to consent form preparation. But, informed consent is about more than forms.

A significant challenge for podiatry practices, clinics, DPMs and hospitals is that patients do not understand the fundamental information regarding their treatment, even after the consent form has been signed.

What makes first-to-market E-Podiatry Consent Forms unique is our proven ability to effectively educate and ease patient fears. E-Podiatry Consent Forms enhances doctor-patient communication, leaves a positive impression on your patients, and ultimately helps reduce the risk of lawsuits.

E-Podiatry Consent Forms offer much more than a streamlined solution for podiatric surgical consent preparation, and management! E-Podiatry Consent Forms collaborative doctor-patient education content is designed to aid communication and teaching, empowering your patients to take an active role in the decision-making process.

Each E-Podiatry Consent Forms CD-ROM contains more than 50 common surgical procedures designed to improve patient recall, positively affect outcomes, reduce readmissions, and improve the overall communication experience, ultimately improving patient satisfaction.

Help improve patient safety by providing more effective, comprehensive education, empowering the patient to fully understand the procedure and reduce wrong site / wrong surgery errors.

And of course, E-Podiatry Consent Forms offers additional comprehensive content on risks, complications, and alternatives – and documenting the information was delivered will provide additional protection against malpractice claims. 


E-Podiatry Consent Forms is an effective — and affordable — informed consent solution. E-Podiatry Consent Forms unique approach to automated and customizable informed consent will exceed your expectations in improving the informed consent process — at a fraction of the price you may expect.


Written by Dr. Marcinko

October 8, 2010 at 5:42 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Testimonial

    This book and your digital e-Podiatry Consent Forms offer vital tips and strategies that help to not only streamline and standardize the informed consent process, but also:

    • Supports shared patient-doctor decision making
    • Improves podiatric surgical outcomes
    • Increases patient safety
    • Reduces DPM exposure to costly malpractice claims and litigation

    Thank you for these innovative products.

    Dr. George William Smith III

    Dr. GW Smith

    October 9, 2010 at 7:16 pm

  2. FAQ’s

    Why use e-Podiatry Consent Forms as a consent form creation tool?

    Podiatrists are highly mobile today, and a CD-ROM based service allows a doctor to access his/her consent forms anywhere there is a computer and/or internet access.

    Secondly, our CD-ROM systems may involve the patient – if you wish – in all the benefits of the internet age, including communication and referral to other information.

    Why is documentation so important for the patient?

    Most patients will forget up to 80% of detail told them, especially when having to consider surgery. e-Podiatry Consent Forms gives them a highly specific and personalized record to take home, access over the internet or discuss with other doctors or family.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

    Ann Miller RN MHA

    March 3, 2011 at 8:06 pm

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