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For your convenience, our price-list is noted below.

Please call or email us your order and all that apply [770-448-0769] OR MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com: We now accept PAYPAL.


  • $ 350.00: Forefoot, Mid-Foot, Simple RF Surgery Consents CD-ROM
  • $ 350.00: Complex RF, Ankle, Lower Leg Surgery Consents CD-ROM
  • $ 350.00: Companion Library of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery CD-ROM
  • $ 600.00: Any 2 CDs [good value]
  • $ 750.00: All 3 CDs [best value]

Or, a printer-friendly order form may be downloaded here.

Link: order-form-e-podiatry-consent-forms1


We now accept PayPal for payment. 

OR – Send your check or money order payable to:

Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc

iMBA, Inc.
Peachtree Plantation –
Suite # 5901 Wilbanks Drive

Norcross, Georgia


Accuracy: All telephone conversations, voice and emails are recorded for your ordering accuracy and protection.


Note: Sorry, but due to customer liability concerns regarding fraud and identity theft, we are no longer able to accept online orders, credit-cards or other electronic payment transfer methods. However, orders may be sent by email or telephone for fastest fulfillment. And, we gladly accept personal or business checks, and money orders. PayPal preferred.


Innovative products – Exceptional value
Recommended by Medical peers

Inform – Document – Relax



  • “ePodiatry Consent Forms™ are ideal for the multi-office podiatry practice. We now have a consistent informed-consent process, with standardized forms and documented paper-trail, across our entire organization. This was a previously unrecognized benefit.”
  • “I appreciate the medical detail and extreme surgical specificity of ePodiatry Consent Forms™. Your ability to customize products, at a nominal surcharge, is an added-bonus feature for me”
  • “Often, complex problems have simple solutions. KISS and keep up the good work”
  • “I enjoyed the special bonus features provided by ePodiatry Consent Forms™. The value-added risk management materials, and industry leading white-papers, demonstrate leadership in this space. It’s almost like a personal risk-management seminar at the office”  
  • “First I read, Insurance and Risk Management Strategies for Physicians. Then, I bought your other books and subscribed to your print journal.  Now, I’m ordering a copy of ePodiatry Consent Forms™ for Forefoot, Mid-Foot and Simple Rear-Foot Surgery, on CD-ROM”
  • “Phone support for initial queries seemed sporadic, but email support was much faster. However, the products all worked fine.”


Please send us your testimonials, comments, suggestions and constructive criticism, today.

Thank you


*Some testimonials edited for brevity, clarity and grammar.

*Substitutions possible without notice.


Customizable templates.

Not medical advice. Not a standard-of-care.

Not a surgical treatment or clinical care plan.

Document production tools for physician use only.

No Apple/ Mac versions


Written by Dr. Marcinko

August 13, 2008 at 8:13 pm

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  1. “Insurance and Risk Management Strategies for Physicians”

    Remember, this book is an excellent addition to e Podiatry Consent Form™ document preparation tools and new content management products.

    Order Now:

    Risk Manager

    Risk Manager

    October 4, 2008 at 11:32 pm

  2. How Do You Get Patients To E-Consent?

    To address that thorny issue, ONC has hired APP Design to develop an electronic consent initiative that will educate patients about their choices.

    The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s (ONC’s) Office of the Chief Privacy Officer has awarded a $1.2 million contract to APP Design to support its e-Consent initiative, which seeks to find ways to educate patients about their options for sharing their health information.


    Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA

    Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA

    October 6, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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